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Adoption – Application Guidance Notes

1.) 領養人在領養動物前必須登記成為本會兩爬之友 。 兩爬之友申請

2.) 申請領養人須年滿十八歲,如未滿十八歲者,可由年滿廿一歲而同住的父母或監護人代為申請。

3.) 申請人必須出示身份証及最近三個月有效的住址証明之正本,方可辦理領養手續。本會將抄下領養人身份証首4位數字以作記錄﹝包括數字前的英文字母﹞,後補或 影印本恕不接受。

4.) 申請人在申請領養時必須簽署領養同意書。

5.) 本會保留拒絕領養申請之權利,若領養條款有所更改,恕不另行通知。

6.) 若領養申請獲得通過,申請人於領養前需向本會支付領養費。有關費用視乎品種而定,請參考本會網站、面書或與本會人員聯絡。

7.) 本會會收取為瀕危物種植入晶片、印製證書和醫療開支等費用,該費用為港幣 $600元。(只適用於CITESII瀕危物種)。

8.) 所有在協會領養的動物包括牠們所繁衍的後代也不能作為商業用途,只能作為寵物。如牠們的後代出生,領養者必須於3個月內通知協會並保留孵蛋紀錄和相片(卵胎生的除外),以辦理後代晶片植入及相關手續(瀕危物種動物),而相關費用會由領養者支付。

01.    Applicant must have the “Friends of HKHerp” membership of Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation.

02.    Applicant must be 18 years of age or over.  Parents or guardians living at the same address must adopt on behalf of those under 18.

03.    Hong Kong Identity Card of applicant and original copy of address proof issued within the last 3 months are required.  First 4 digits of HKID no. (The first letter of alphabet is included) will be noted.  Photocopy of above said documents are not accepted.

04.    Applicant must sign this Adoption Consent Form. (New adopter must fill in Adopter Evaluation Form)

05.    HKHerp reserves the right to reject any application.  Adoption Application Guidance Notes is subject to amend without prior notice.

06.    No charge is made for the animal itself.  Applicant may be charged for part of medical expense prior to adoptions.

07.    Certificate printing, microchip implantation and medical expense fee of HK$600 will be charged. (Applies only to the CITESII endangered species)

08.    All adopted animal individuals at HKHerp including their offsprings should only be owned as pets, and not to be sold or transferred for commercial purposes. In case of offsprings produced by animals adopted from HKHerp, adopters must notify HKHerp within three months together with hatching records and photos (except for ovoviviparous species) for the arrangement of AVID microchip insertion and other related procedures (for CITES animals). Please note that the fees induced by such procedures shall be covered by the adopter.

Adoption – Terms and Conditions

01.    Applicant agrees to provide humane care, including proper shelter, food, water or medical care when needed.

02.    Applicant agrees to provide safe and isolated shelter for the above said animal if there is any other animal living at the above address.

03.    Before adoption, Applicant must have consent of my family/ member living at the same address and ensure they do not have any allergy to the above said animal.

04.    Applicant agrees to respect and treasure the above said animal.  Do not give it to other third party as a gift or souvenir.

05.    Before adoption, HKHerp may visit the above address if needed.

06.    HKHerp may contact applicant to check on the above said animal by phone or visiting the above address if needed.

07.    Under any circumstance, the above said animal will not be treated as food or experimental source.

08.    Applicant must treat the above said animal with love and patience. Zero violence or inhumanity is tolerated.

09.    HKHerp is not responsible for any physical defect on the above said animal.

10.    Applicant understands ownership of the above said animal shall not be transferred without HKHerp consent.

11.    Applicant understands that under any circumstance, if applicant is incapable of continue taking care of the above said animal, applicant must inform HKHerp to make further arrangement.

12.    If applicant is disagree with any part of this consent form , is failed to take good care of or abuse the above said animal, HKHerp has all right to retain possession of the above said animal and applicant’s right to possess above said animal is invalid.

13.    Applicant must report the updated condition along with recent photo of the animal to HKHerp each 6 months in the first 3 successive years of adoption. (Applies only to the CITESII endangered species)

14.    In the event of the death of the animal, applicant must report to HKHerp with reasonable photos within 1 week. (Applies only to the CITESII endangered species)

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