Veterinary clinic information

HKHerp does not provide veterinary medical services. Listed below are veterinary clinics that provide medical services for amphibians and reptiles according to our experience. In order to ensure the vet is on duty, advanced booking by phone call. Please also provide your pet's detail (species, size and age) during the booking.

土瓜灣動物醫院 Faithful Veterinary Hospital 
Tel: 27119909


楓樹珍禽異獸醫院 Maple Exotic Veterinary Hospital
Tel: 35794838


星寵動物醫院 Zodiac Pet & Exotic Hospital
Tel: 25271718 

堅尼地城珍禽異獸醫療中心 Kennedy Town Exotic Veterinary Centre
堅尼地城卑路乍街 5A-5H 號南雄大廈地下8號
Tel: 28178826 / 28178836

享和珍禽異獸醫療中心 Heung Wo Exotic Veterinary Centre
Tel: 24932178


沙咀道獸醫動物及珍禽異獸醫院 Sha Tsui Road Vet Small Animal & Exotics Hospital 
Tel: 26235500


大圍珍禽異獸及寵物醫院 Tai Wai Small Animal & Exotic Hospital
24小時 香港新界大埔戲院街3號地下
Tel: 26871030


北區動物診所 Northern Animal Clinic
Tel: 23111707 診所網站 Clinic Website Directions
Tel: 24932178

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