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Save Lung Mei Alliance appeals for cash

The Standard -  August 09, 2013 Hilary Wong The group opposing the development of an artificial beach at Lung Mei in Tai Po is appealing for public donations to help fund its application for a judicial review to challenge the project. The High Court will hear the application on Monday at 10am, and the Save Lung

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SCMP – Before taking on a snake as a pet, make sure you know where it came from.

Our founder, Anthony Yeung, on South China Morning Post (Post Magazine) – 3 Feb 2013

Recommendation Letter about Green Sea Turtle in Hong Kong

Recommendation Letter about Green Sea Turtle in Hong Kong   Date: 27 Oct 2012   Dear Director of AFCD, Mr. WONG Chi-Kong, Alan, Deputy Director of AFCD, Dr. LEUNG Siu-Fai, Assistant Director (Conservation), Mr. CHAN Yiu-Keung, Assistant Director (Country & Marine Parks), Mr. SHAM Chun-Hung, Joseph, We are the Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation,

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Test the water before buying an amphibious friend

South China Morning Post - 15 August, 2012 Reptiles and amphibians have a certain popularity in Hong Kong, but many suffer from inadequate care, according to Karthi Krishnasamy, who handles plenty of these animals at Happy Pets veterinary centre in Tai Hang. ‘Reptiles are cool. I am a Malaysian and used to live on the fringe

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Pet Arte Issue 28, Fight for the Small and Weak, HKHERP

 Fight for the Small and Weak – Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation “Animal welfare” is a recent hit term among cat and dog lovers. As one of the leading advocate of animal welfare, Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation (HKHERP) works in conservation, adoption and education to voice for the small and weak animals.

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