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2013 Year of the Snake

HKHerp in partnership with PARC have designated 2013 as the Year of the Snake According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year of Serpent. Most people would relate snakes being deadly, cunning, cold blooded and even all sorts of negative feelings. In comparison, another Zodiac, the Dragon, is highly regarded among the Chinese. It

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Whose fault is it, yours or mine? Why dump me?

Whose fault is it, yours or mine? Why dump me?   In 2005, The Census and Statistics Department conducted a survey regarding owning pets in residential areas. It revealed that, beyond cats and dogs, turtles rank the third popular pets among the tenants, which might have been translated into a higher chance of turtle abandonment at

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Wild flavors for better health?! What is “Wild Flavors”(野味)?

Caution: The article contains bloody photos which may cause discomfort. Wild flavors for better health?! What is “Wild Flavors”(野味)? “野” means “wild”, it has nothing to do with the conventional domestic livestock or poultry but with wildlife; “味”here could mean “ special flavor/savor”, and “wild flavors” are what people nowadays commonly call for those wild animals

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