These care sheets should only be used as a reference and does not fully summarize all the circumstances.
HKHerp recommends that keepers continue to study their own species.
SnakeAuthor or Translator
Ball PythonSam Chan & Anthony Yeung
Leopard GeckoKiu & Anthony Yeung
Red-eared SliderAnthony Yeung
Red-eared SliderBen Tsang
Common Snapping TurtleIvan Li & Anthony Yeung
Reeves' TurtleAnthony Yeung
Reeves' TurtleBen Tsang
Mud Turtle
Wagon Chan
Diamondback TerrapinTony Chan
Indian Star TortoiseAnthony Yeung
Indian Star TortoiseAnthony Yeung
Leopard TortoiseAnthony Yeung
Leopard TortoiseAngus Tang
African Spurred TortoiseAnthony Yeung
Marginated TortoiseAnthony Yeung
Russian Tortoise / Horsfield’s Tortoise
Anthony Yeung