Notes and Terms:

1. Applicant must be the animals’ legal owner.  Please present with signed authorization letter if representative appointed, and application will be proceed upon verification.  Hong Kong Society of Herpetology (HKHERP) reserves the right to refuse the application.

2. Please provide the full name, contact number and residential address of the applicant, also the information of the animal(s) including name, breed, size, reason of abandon, character, etc.

3. Please make sure the animal(s) is in healthy condition, neither diseases nor long term medical treatment.  HKHERP reserves the right to hold or refuse application for animal(s) under unhealthy condition.

4. HKHERP will select the most suitable adopter, and the decision made by HKHERP shall be final.

5. At the time of handover, applicant or representative will be required to sign several of documents including this agreement in the presence of HKHERP.

6. In order to let the animal(s) can get with the new home smoothly, applicant must state the diet, habit, preferences and anamnesis of the animal(s).

7. HKHERP will take over the ownership and adoption arrangement of the animal(s) once all of the related documents including this agreement are signed.

8. HKHERP has the right to keep the adopter information confidentially.

9. Applicant is required to pay an abandon fee of HK$200 for each animal since the resource of HKHERP is limited.

10. HKHERP has the right to decline any application. The notes and terms are subject to change without prior notice.  Please refer to the website of HKHERP for most updated version.

Due to very limited resources, we don’t always have space to receive animals.  Please contact us before you need abandon your pets or give us any stray, nonnative amphibians and reptiles. Download and fill in this Agreement if you need abandon your pets or give us any stray, nonnative amphibians and reptiles.